About us

Fly Over The World is a co-creation of companies that are passionate about flying! With joined forces and an Air Operator Certificate, we are legally allowed to offer you our top-rated experiences!

our mission

In everything we do we will make sure that you have the best flight tour experience ever. Seeing you in ‘AWE’ is our best reward!

our inspiration

Our origin is from the Netherlands and this beautiful country is our inspiration. We are proud of our heritage, the sceneries and of course the famous and unique Dutch skies!

our passion

Flying as free as a bird across our country, showing our guests the most amazing places.

CO2 neutral

Worldwide, the airline industry is responsible for 2-3% of the global man-made CO2 emissions. We care about our air and therefore have a partnership with GreenSeat. Each hour that we fly we donate € 3,25 to the Greenseat projects. By supporting these projects for CO2 emission reduction, we ensure that the volume of CO2 in the atmosphere does not increase.

We support the following projects:

  • Windmills in India
  • Biogas in Cambodia
  • Cookstoves in Uganda


By supporting projects that reduce CO2 emission, we ensure that the volume of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere does not increase. By contributing funds to such projects that are equivalent to the emissions caused by our planes, we offset our own emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by replacing fossil fuels with sustainable ones. By supporting GreenSeat, we are giving households in developing countries access to sustainable energy and make their lives better!

Learn more about GreenSeat! Check out their website here

who are we?

Nice to meet you, my name is Sylvia and I am the founder and co-owner of Fly Over The World. As a pilot, entrepreneur and marketing strategist I discovered a business opportunity to show tourists our beautiful country from above. We now do this with a team of excellent pilots not only in the Netherlands, but also far beyond our national borders. I am proud of the development of our brand and our ambition is to offer worldwide scenic flights. So come and fly with us and have the experience of your life. And if you come to Rotterdam there is a chance we will meet! See you in Rotterdam!

Nice to meet you, my name is Manuel and I am a co-owner of Fly Over The World. Seeing a city from above has always been a really exiting experience for me, one that I as a pilot get to experience often and love to share with you. As an entrepreneur I was impressed by the work of Sylvia in The Netherlands and I was convinced about the opportunities to go international with Fly Over, that is why I started our first international site in my home town Stockholm. I’m looking forward to the adventures ahead and I am thrilled that we are able to offer tourists this exiting experience in a growing number of cities. Looking forward to welcome you aboard! See you in Stockholm!