Hike the Dolomites and escape the crowds in Venice


Hiking is a fascinating thing that every adventure lover once wants to try. In 2018 we got married and decided to enjoy our honeymoon in a different style and fun. Hiking through the dolomites is the one thing that we chosen to start from. The rough terrain of the Dolomites is quite fascinating to see once.

Explore with high enthusiasm

There is no need to prepare a lot before starting your tour. One can book the tickets along with a reliable accommodation. After this pack your bag and fly to the place. There is no need to worry about tasty, delicious food as you will like everything after hiking for the whole day. A simple meal will be pleasant when you are hungry. We had polenta that was the best treat for us on a hiking day! Try to book a place where you can spend a night and check if you are getting dinner, breakfast, and packed lunchbox at the site. It becomes quite interesting to share the table with some other guests who are there for hiking. We walked Alta Via 1, which is an old military road from World War I, starting in Lago di Braies and ending in Belluno.

I can recommend to have a look at the Ultimate Guide to the Italian Dolimites for practical tips on preparing your hike.

Exploring Venice as a local

Venice is a famous place because of its rich history and as the city on water. The tourism of the site is quite massive and widespread. Our journey becomes more interesting when we met a few Italians who gave us a few suggestions to visit some of the sites. It is a perfect stay at Ca' San Marcuola that is located near the water. It was fantastic to try the delicacies at La Zucca after traveling and hiking miles. Before bedtime, it is perfect to have a wholesome meal at your plate.

A birds-eye perspective on Venice

I am an aviator, engineer, and water lover; hence it was quite exciting for me to get the water ride before leaving Venice at sunrise. The glow of the place was fantastic, and an early morning taxi ride to the airport is perfect for leaving the site. I had an appointment with Silvia, who is running the operation to discuss the possibility of adding their sightseeing tours to the Fly Over The World platform. We didn’t find any difficulty while finding the operator and their office. The journey was fantastic. Now, starting with perfect accommodation and dinner, everything was perfect. After this, experiencing the hiking with Italians and visiting the famous local markets along with a perfect sunrise view. We had a great time while exploring Venice. The best thing was that there is no need to do a lot of preparations to explore the place.

Bottom lines!

We would love to recommend this place to all travelers to visit once in their lifetime. If you're an adventurous couple, then here you can find the best experience. The end of the journey in a helicopter is perfect for clicking some pictures with your loved ones.

Fly Over Venice in a helicopter for a unique sightseeing tour

The best tour to see Venice. Click here to book your tour.

The best tour to see Venice and the surrounding area. Click here to book your tour.