Important information

your reservation is only definitive after online booking and payment

Our daily operations depend on many aspects such as availability of pilots, residual flying time of the planes, rules with regard to maximum pilot flying hours, restrictions by the airports and any weather influences. Our planning schedules are therefore subject to continuous change. We can confirm your flight in our schedule as soon as we have received your online booking and payment.

We take account of your choice of day and time where possible, but it may be that we do not have a flight in keeping with your wishes. We’ll always contact you if there is more than 4 hours’ difference between your choice of day/time and our flight possibilities. If we cannot find a suitable flight for you, we will reimburse 100% of your payment.


When flying we do have to consider natures’ elements. So we cannot fly when it’s too windy, when there is a low cloud base or when it’s raining. In case of bad weather we will do our very best to reschedule your sightseeing flying tour for another date and time.


The total weight of the passengers cannot exceed 240 kg for 3 passengers or 340 kg for 4 passengers. Weight per seat cannot exceed 132 kg and the front seat cannot exceed 85 kg. We don’t take risks so if we have any doubt, we will ask all passengers to step on the weighing scale.


We fly from different locations. Make sure you’re on time at the right place. Information about the location can be found on your boarding pass. We don’t have an office in any of these locations.


We will not fly anyone without a valid ID. So be sure to bring your passport or other valid photo identification. Valid photo identification must be present for everyone in your party. A driving license is not a valid proof of identity.


In order to make sure that you have a safe and pleasant flight, we will need your assistance in the flight preparation process. Being cooperative will ensure a safe, fun and memorable experience.


There are no personal belongings other than your camera permitted on the airplane. You can leave all your bags and other personal belongings in our hangar at your own risk.

preferred time

If you book a sightseeing flying tour, you can specify a preferred time. Due to operational procedures, we will determine the final time. Of course we take into account your wishes. You find the final time on your boarding pass, sent by email within 72 hours of your booking.


Our sightseeing flying tours start from 20 minutes up to 60 minutes, depending on your tour choice. This is the actual time that you will be rolling and flying! Please keep in mind that it takes 20 minutes before and 20 minutes afterwards due to the procedures we have to carry out.

PAY ATTENTION! The boarding card shows the time at which your appearance should be present. If you are later, we may shorten or cancel your flight. Refund is then not possible. So be on time!

total costs

Depending on the number of persons you will pay more or less per person. Look at the tours for the costs.